Brandywine Music/Piano Studio

Piano Lessons, Music for Special Occasions


Summer Session 2017



Dates: June 19 – Sept. 1, 2017

Makeup week for summer: August 28 – Sept. 1 

Hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

1:00 – 5:00 and 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. - Closed Tuesday, July 4


Tuition Fees

Lesson time blocks may be used for individuals or families


30-min. Blocks - $25.00 each       45-min. Blocks - $36.00

60-min. Blocks - $47.00     75-min. Blocks - $58.00     90-min. Blocks  - $69.00


Fees due at first lesson of summer session for entire summer.

Multiply amounts above by number of weeks you plan to attend.

Example: 60 min. block/week, $47 x 6 weeks = $282


  Policies:  This is a year-round program. Students who take at least 6 summer lessons will have priority in fall scheduling. Please notify me by June 1, your available days/times for summer, and which weeks you will attend. If your student needs extra help or you would like him/her to make more progress, a longer lesson time is recommended, for example, a 45-minute lesson (for students approx. 8 years and older). Regular attendance policies will apply during summer. Students who take the summer off may reserve their fall time slot by paying half of their first quarter fall tuition fee with their registration fee by July 1. 

    Are you going on a long trip this summer? There's no need to get “rusty” – now students can have lessons via Skype!  All you need are a device with a webcam and Internet access, and a keyboard. Let me know if this interests you. 

     Registration and fees for fall will be due July 1.  Students whose lesson day will be Monday in Sept. may make up Labor Day the week of Aug. 28 – Sept. 1. The fall schedule will begin Sept. 5.    


Why Summer Piano Lessons?

  • The student's skills will not become “rusty”

  • S/he will make faster progress through the repertoire

  • S/he will not have to re-learn skills and material learned during the

    previous year, making the next school year more productive

  • S/he can concentrate on specific skills during the summer that s/he

    may not have time for during the school year

  • Summer schedules may be more flexible

  • Students may have more practice time during the summer. Practice

    times may be more flexible, with optimal morning times before other activities

  • S/he can work on different music outside the usual repertoire

  • Less pressure – no recitals, etc.

  • Those who take the summer off, thinking they will practice, usually don't

  • There is a correlation between continuity of study and rapid progress



One of my students took a summer off of lessons. When they

returned in September, her mother told me, “I will never take

the summer off again! Not only did she lose 3 months' progress,

but she got so rusty that she'll have to make up a few months

to get back to where she was. I thought we'd practice all summer,

but without regular lessons, it was easy to slip out of

our routine. Next summer we'll come in every week we're in town!”