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Piano Program Evaluation


DEAR PARENTS:  In order to help improve your piano program services, please indicate

your views on this form.

Student’s Name(s)________________________________________(Optional)

On a scale of 1 – 5, how satisfied are you and your child(ren) with each of the following aspects of your child’s piano program? 

5=High Satisfaction    1=Low Satisfaction    (or answer questions where indicated)

Choices of music selections____Length of time spent on each piece of music____

Level of polishing each piece______Recital preparation____Ear training instruction___

Note reading instruction___Technical instruction___Motivational techniques___

Level of strictness/relaxedness of lessons___

Recitals, piano parties/other group activities_____ 

How much does your child enjoy lessons?_____How much does your child enjoy practicing?_____ How much does your child enjoy performing for an audience?___

Would you like a written evaluation of your child’s progress?_______

What are your goals for your child, musically?__________________________

What seems to motivate your child?__________________________________

Do you need help or ideas for motivation?________

What is your child’s (and/or your) favorite activity at lessons?____________________

What is your child’s (and/or your) least favorite activity? ________________________

Are you or your child interested in changing to a different musical path?____

More rigorous/classical____Less rigorous, more “pop”____

Other change________________________________________________________________

Do you have any issues with my studio policies? (please specify)_____________________

Please list any new phone numbers: home:__________________cell:___________________

New email address or mailing address: ________________________________________________________

Do you use my website?___How often?___For what purposes?________________________


Do you have any comments or suggestions on how you would like things done differently?





Would you like to have a private discussion on any issue?___If so, please call or email.


 Thanks for your input, and for giving your child the gift of music!