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                                                                        Tuition Fees

Piano Program ~ Annual Membership Plan

2018 ~ 2019 School Year ~ Tuition Fees


      Tuition Fees are charged through an Annual Membership Plan, rather than per lesson.    The school year is divided into four nine-week Quarters. The school-year program runs from September 4, 2018 through June 14, 2019. There will be 36 weeks of lessons and four designated Flex Weeks. Annual membership tuition fees are divided into four equal quarterly payments.

      Tuition Fees include lessons, core (lesson) books, some supplementary music, studio  materials, incentives, access to music lending library, recital expenses, and administrative and miscellaneous services, and holds the student’s lesson spot for the school year. Does not include audio downloads or lost book replacements. 

     A DEPOSIT of $50/student, $75/2 students, or $100/3 or more students, is due on July 15 of each year or when first registering for lessons (unless full tuition paid). This deposit is non-refundable, will hold your lesson spot, and will be applied towards your first Quarter tuition fee.


TUITION FEES (Lesson Blocks may be shared between two or more members of a family)


30 Minute Weekly Lesson Blocks              Quarterly Payment: 255.00

45 Minute Weekly Lesson Blocks              Quarterly Payment: 360.00

60 Minute Weekly Lesson Blocks              Quarterly Payment: 485.00

75 Minute Weekly Lesson Blocks              Quarterly Payment: 600.00

90 Minute Weekly Lesson Blocks              Quarterly Payment: 710.00


Single LessonsStudents who are not members of the year-round piano            program.              

30 Minute Lesson -  $30.00   45 Minute Lesson - 40.00   Includes lessons only



Due ON or BEFORE the first lesson of each Quarter

First Quarter: September 4 - 10      Second Quarter: November 5 - 9

Third Quarter: January 28 – February 1      Fourth Quarter: April 1 – 5

LATE FEE: $25 (if payment is more than 2 weeks late)


     Learning to play an instrument is a long-term commitment. Joining a studio on an Annual Membership Plan indicates your commitment to continuing study for the year (or the remainder of the year). Quarterly payments are non-refundable. There are no deductions or refunds for lessons missed or paid for in advance. Please see Studio Policies page for rescheduling procedures. Lessons continue through the summer (see Summer Session page). Payments may be made by check, cash, Google Wallet, Venmo, or your bank website’s Bill Pay option. Checks returned by the bank will incur the fees charged by the bank. Tuition fees will be prorated for students who begin lessons in the middle of a Quarter. If you have difficulty with the above arrangements, please see me to discuss alternative payment options. If “taking a break” from lessons, you may hold your spot by paying ½ tuition for time off. One month’s notice is required when discontinuing lessons.