Brandywine Music/Piano Studio

Piano Lessons, Music for Special Occasions

                                           Student Videos 

Chase: Lightly Row, click here: Chase Lightly Row 
Lance: Final Duel by J. Eklund, self-arranged, click here: Lance Final Duel                                
Miles: Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart, click here: Miles Rondo alla Turca  
Annabelle: River Flows in You by Yiruma, click here: Annabelle River Flows 
 Alex: The Entertainer by Joplin (arr. Bastien), click here Alex - The Entertainer 
Ella: Are You Sleeping, click here: Ella - Are You Sleeping 
 Medha: Oceano by Cacciapaglia, click here: Medha: Oceano
Abby: Winter Sky, click here: Abby Winter Sky 
Ruwan: New Hope Blues by George Winston, click here: Ruwan New Hope Blues 
Maddie: Smooth Sailing by Jennifer Eklund, click here:  Maddie Smooth Sailing
Zoe: Theme by Beethoven, click here: Zoe Theme 
Bethany: Shadowfall by Eklund, click here: Bethany Shadowfall 
Elise: Cuckoo and Mary Had a Little Lamb, click here: Elise Cuckoo and Mary 
Julia and Annabelle: Someday by Eklund, click here: Julia & Annabelle someday 
Medha: Bagatelle by Tcherepnin, click here: Medha Bagatelle 
Antonio: Minuet 1 by Bach, click here: Antonio Minuet 1 
Miles: The Wild Rider (Schumann), click here: Miles Wild Rider 
 Harini: Minuet 2 (Anon.), click hereHarini Minuet 2 
Chase: Nightfall (Eklund), click here: Chase Nightfall 
Zoe: Minuet 1 by Bach and The First Noel, click here: Zoe Minuet & 1st Noel 
Annabelle: Far and Away (Wesley), click here: Annabelle Far & Away 
Preethi: Minuet (Petzold), click here:  Preethi Minuet 
Miles: All of Me by The Piano Guys, click here: Miles All of Me 
Harini: End Game (Eklund), click here: Harini End Game 
Bridget: Lightly Row and French Children's Song, click here: Bridget Lightly & French 
Lance: Shadowfall (Eklund), click here: Lance Shadowfall 
Preethi & Shanthi: Bacchanale, click here: Preethi & Shanthi Bacchanale 
Bethany: Medley - 21 Pilots, click here: Bethany 21 Pilots 
Medha: Minuet 1 from Partita in Bb (Bach), click here: Medha Minuet 1 
Devin and Bridget: LIghtly Row, click here: Devin & Bridget Lightly Row 
Chase: Allegretto 1, click here: Chase Allegretto 1 
Isaac: Star Wars Cantina Band, click here: Isaac Cantina 
Devin: Chant Arabe and Are You Sleeping, click here: Devin Chant Arabe & Sleeping 
Alyssa: I Am Not a Human Being by Lil Wayne, click here: Alyssa Human Being 
Alicia & Jaidan: Glass Houses, click here: Jaidan Alicia Glass Houses 
Shanthi: Sonatina Op. 36 No. 1 Allegro by Clementi, click here: Shanthi Clementi Allegro 
Maddie: Sky's the Limit by Eklund, click here:  Maddie Sky's the Limit
Shanthi: Sonatina Op. 36 No. 1 Vivace by Clementi,                                                                          click here: Shanthi Clementi Sonatina Vivace 
Alyssa: Triple Threat by Eklund, click hereAlyssa Triple Threat 
Shanthi & Preethi: Beauty & the Beast by Menken (arr. Zylstra),
       click hereShanthi & Preethi Beauty & Beast  
Lisa: Morning Stretch (Grieg, arr. Eklund), click here: Lisa Morning 
 Miles: Carol of the Bells by Leontovych (arr. Winston), click hereMiles - Carol of Bells
Shanthi: Arietta by Mozart, click here: Shanthi Arietta 
Jaidan: Amazing Grace (self-arranged), click here: Jaidan Amazing Grace 
Miles: Sonatina Op. 36 No. 3 Spiritoso by Clementi, click here: Miles Clementi Spiritoso 
Bethany & Lauren: In the Hall of the Mountain King, click here: Bethany Lauren Mountain King 
Alicia: You Are My King, click here: Alicia - You Are My King 
 Zoe: Sonatina Op. 36. No. 1 Allegro by Clementi, click here: Zoe Sonatina Clementi
Ruwan: The Entertainer by Joplin, click here: Ruwan Entertainer 
Medha: The Aviators by Helen Jane Long, click here: Medha Aviators
Ruwan: Viva La Vida by Coldplay, click here: Ruwan Viva La Vida