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For those times when you can't get to the studio, due to student's or parent's illness, snowy roads, car trouble, or other issues, convenient online lessons are available. You may also choose online lessons only!

Online lessons work the same way as in-studio lessons - just more convenient, since you don't have to leave home!

Options include FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and video lessons.

The only equipment you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera, microphone, and internet access. The device can be placed near your piano so that the student can be seen and heard. Have books and sheet music nearby, grab a pencil or pen, connect with us, and you're all set!

Please email, text, or call if you'd like to explore online lessons!

August 31, 2020

 Life during a pandemic has many inconveniences.   I am grateful that we have the ability to continue learning and enjoying music together through technology! I have also noticed that there are some advantages to online lessons!  Here are 10 unexpected benefits that I've noticed:


  • The student becomes more independent - they must pay better attention to the score, know where in the music they are, the measure numbers, the notation, and the details. They have to figure much more out on their own.

  • The student must listen closely to the teacher and her playing. 

  • The student can work from the comfort of their home environment and play on their own instrument.

  • No traveling needed; can still have lessons in a snowstorm, when the car is in the shop, when a parent is ill or unable to bring them; when the student is slightly under the weather; time and fuel saved from not traveling. I've even had lessons with a student who was 2000 miles away!

  • No forgotten books or sheet music

  • Parents of mid-to-older students can enjoy some free time of their own instead of sitting at the studio

  • Siblings do not need to come along to lessons

  • No need to miss out on piano completely since online lessons are available. The student's progress will not be hindered by missing out on lessons for weeks or months.

  • Many other activities such as sports and clubs are closed. Students are probably not playing their band or orchestra instruments much. Online lessons may be one of the few activities the student still has, and their piano teacher may be one of the few people that they interact with regularly.

  • Students are learning to use online communication which will be a vital, standard method as we venture into the future.

  • Do you have anything to add? Let me know your thoughts on internet lessons!

  • Click here for ONLINE LESSON TIPS!

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