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"Declan started piano lessons at Brandywine Music in December 2019, just a few months before the pandemic shut everything down. The transition to virtual (FaceTime) lessons was seamless, and the virtual recitals were a lot of fun. The weekly lessons have been a consistent bright spot in an otherwise crazy year. Declan has learned so much already, and Diane keeps it fun, so practicing never feels like a chore for him. We love hearing him practice and play!"

 ~ Beth B.

“A. has grown and flourished in her musical abilities the past few years under Diane’s teaching style.  I appreciate her positive comments and encouragement that helps her to feel comfortable playing even when she makes mistakes.  She enjoys the variety of activities and games in the lessons. She adds a fun variety of music for holidays to help keep practice delight-directed.  Diane offers many resources to help your student at home such as online learning games and printable note naming games.   The lesson is efficiently packed with meaningful content that helps her know clearly what to practice for her next lesson.  

With this great learning environment A. wants to do her practice and rarely has to be told to practice.  She is well on her way to developing a love for music.”

 ~ Laura Beck



 "Ms. Umile has been my daughter's piano teacher for the past 9 years and she is now 13. The most patient person around kids and works with them at their pace. Thanks to her, my daughter is a pianist first and gone on to pick up other musical instruments very easily. Ms. Umile is instrumental in fostering the love of music in my child and we could not be more thankful for that."

 ~ Maha Raman  

"We feel our experience has been a great one. As senior citizens, Diane has been very patient with us and has made playing the piano a big accomplishment."

 ~ Bill and Cheryl M.

"When my daughter started her lessons last year, we didn't know what to expect from our then 5 year old. It's been so wonderful to watch our daughter learn to play music and watch the her face light up when she finally completes a piece she was struggling to master. After a year she is still getting her practice in every day and looks forward to her lessons with Diane. I'm so grateful to be able to give my daughter such a strong foundation in music at such a young age. Diane's patience, creativity, and skill as a musician make it possible."

 ~ Christine Deitcher 

"Diane is an excellent Piano Instructor if you are looking to take lessons. I started taking lessons with her this past September after not for over 35 years. It was on my Bucket List to take piano again. I made it happen and am so thankful I found Diane! I know my perspective as an adult is much different than a teenager but Diane's method of teaching is very refreshing and I feel good every time I leave my lesson."

Cheryl Schroeder

"Working with Diane has been great. My daughter has a particular learning style and Diane was able to work with her and keep her excited about piano. We would highly recommend Diane Umile to anyone with a young child looking to learn and love piano." 

 ~ Sheri N.  

"Diane is a wonderful teacher. She is patient, supportive and knowledgeable.  She caters to my kids' varying interests and they have learned so much from her."

 ~ Sara L.

"My daughter, Zoe, has progressed wonderfully in piano over these past two years of lessons with Diane Umile.  I believe the combination of Suzuki and traditional/note reading has helped Zoe enjoy her piano playing.  The Suzuki pieces have enabled her to play more interesting pieces early on and hone her listening skills, while the note reading is helping her to play more independently.  Diane has great patience with her students and is sensitive to their interests.  She allows them to add songs outside of their teaching books to keep their repertoire interesting.  She also takes the time to get to know each student and their particular musical interests.  I have been very appreciative of her guidance and practice tips that have made home practicing more productive and enjoyable.  We also really like the fact that Diane holds two recitals a year and quarterly group lessons (keyboard club).  Zoe tends to be more uncomfortable in group situations and these opportunities have really helped her gain confidence.  I highly recommend Diane's piano instruction to students of all ages and levels."

 ~ Kelly Ennis

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