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The Christmas Effect

Hello musical families!

Does your student need MUSICAL INSPIRATION? Are they in the January slump? Do you remember in November and December when they wanted to play Christmas carols nonstop? (Most piano players, anyway) Jingle Bells 24/7. Or Carol of the Bells. Why is this? Because people want to play the music that they hear. The music that surrounds them in their everyday life. The music that they can relate to, that resonates with them. How to replicate this the rest of the year? #1.Figure out what music is a magnet to them. Put on some pop, jazz, or movie theme songs. Most of this music is available in book or sheet form... and if not, it's great to learn to figure them out by ear. Some pianists love classical (try Pandora, Spotify, or WRTI), some pop/rock, many love movie themes, and even video game songs are available! Church-going kids might like worship songs or hymns. #2. Put on the soundtracks to the songs in their lesson books. It is incredibly helpful to listen, and play along with, the music you are learning. It not only is motivational, but it helps with rhythm, tempo, and expression. Here are some links to the music your students are already playing, and some that will help you find songs they love: - search the book they are in or the piece - search the piece - let me know if you need your password. These backing tracks are incredible - many are video game-like; others flowing and lyrical. Worth spending some time looking around on. - the code is in the inside cover of your book Suzuki - most pieces can be listened to on Youtube Piano Adventures - most pieces can be listened to on Youtube Pop/rock music - - if you can't find what you want, they will take requests! and similar music sites Last but not least - ME! Let me know a piece they want to learn, and I will help them figure it out by ear! (I have a 6 year old learning Clocks by Coldplay right now!) We all want our kids to play their instrument out of a love for music, not just because "I said so" or "Music is good for you". (And PLAY, not just PRACTICE. Most of their time at the piano should be PLAYING music that they enjoy.) We can stop nagging, bribing, and cajoling them to practice. Amazing things can happen when a person is immersed in music in their home environment. Let's take a step back and watch. Warmly, Diane

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