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The Elephant

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Let's talk about the elephant in the room.

I'm talking about in-person lessons.

Let me be honest with you. I have been all over the map on this subject.

A year and a half ago, I would never have dreamed that we would still be having only online lessons at this point.

This past May, I'd been hoping to re-open in July or so. Then I saw my eye specialist and found out that I needed cornea transplants. So, knowing I'd have a difficult summer ahead, I decided to stay online to keep that part of my life as simple as possible.

Then a few weeks later I thought for sure I'd re-open in September.

What I never really wanted to do, throughout the pandemic, was to waffle back and forth between in-person and online, between masks or no masks, a student testing positive and another being exposed and asked to go back online, or people asking each other's vaccination status.

So now... with Covid positivity rates rising again, especially among children, and more restrictions being put back into place, it's making me think twice.

Also, having just had transplants, I feel the need to be extra cautious at this time.

And working mostly with young children, I would not want my studio to be a place where Covid is transmitted between students.

I am hearing that some schools in our area which are already open are experiencing increasing Covid cases and quarantines.

I have tried hard to make online lessons worthwhile. I've never wanted to just “phone it in”. I have worked to find ways to make this situation more than just tolerable, but interesting and enjoyable.

All this being said, I presume that you have gathered that I plan to stay online for awhile longer. Hopefully not a long while, but it depends on the pandemic. When cases start leveling off, we will re-evaluate.

I would love nothing more than to see your smiling faces walking in my door, and playing duets with you, real in-person duets!

I hope you will continue to stick with piano and that it remains one of your favorite activities. Hoping also to be able to have an in-person holiday recital or party this December!

Please know that your continuous support, flexibility, and patience has been GREATLY APPRECIATED by me!

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